A brand new Cosmo

Cosmo Bingo is well known and much loved in both Stalybridge and Eccles, where the two clubs have been serving up fun and bingo for more years than many can remember. In July 2019 both venues were taken over by Boyle Sports, Ireland’s largest independent bookmaker founded by John Boyle in 1982.

It was not immediately clear what the new owners’ plans were for the clubs, as the purchase marked a move away from Boyle Sports’ core business. However, it quickly became clear that Cosmo’s new owners wished to build on a winning formula, investing in both clubs and giving Stalybridge the full treatment.

Cosmo Stalybridge has not been sleeping during the recent enforced Covid lock downs, with Boyle Sports taking the opportunity to invest a significant sum of money and undertake a complete refurbishment of the club’s facilities. The results are outstanding, creating a completely different venue fit for the modern era of entertainment and bingo.

The spacious entrance area immediately sets the scene as the Blue LED themed décor creates a feeling of something new and exciting in the world of Bingo! Multiple monitors show a mixture of Sky Sports programmes, in club promotions and member’s information channels.

Bingo bees!
Players can experience the very latest Bingo Bee tablets for bringing the whole Bingo Game up to date, enabling play of all the various styles of Bingo offered throughout the session. Bingo Bees also allow the customers to order drinks from the comfort of their seats and play gaming machines.

New gaming machine room!
Investing in the very latest new Gaming Machines for players to enjoy, these top spec machines include classic and popular favourites, including the three player Rainbow Riches Community. The Gaming Machine room is a big feature of the new club, and the improved design and comfort of the room is proving a big hit with customers.

New noisy bingo!
The Club is now also able to offer a new facility known as the Smart Lounge, where the traditionally silent game of Bingo is replaced by being able to chat as much as you like while listening to the music or TV when Bingo is being called! It’s a great room for parties and celebrating with family and friends.

The club has also opened a brand new licensed bar, which primarily looks after our Smart Lounge and later evening customers who like to stay on after bingo has finished to enjoy a catch-up with friends, or enjoy an after session theme night. Recent successes have included pizza and prosecco and quiz nights.

The more traditional main hall has undergone a complete LED lighting change making for a much brighter experience, with more improvements to come!