Bingo Plus

The innovative game-changer for UK bingo

In the evolving world of bingo, one name is surging ahead with remarkable growth rates: Bingo Plus. The company has delivered year-on-year growth, and record numbers in August and September this year, firmly establishing itself as the UK’s fastest-growing bingo network. The numbers are up a staggering 30% on last year!

What’s behind this success? The Hull-based team at Wexel Gaming, who have skilfully captured the essence of what players and operators are looking for.

Renowned businesses such as Parkdean Resorts, Merkur, Admiral, LOL Bingo, Coral Island and many more are capitalising on Bingo Plus, finding it an invaluable complement to sit alongside their existing products.

What sets Bingo Plus apart?
If you’re new to Bingo Plus, here’s what you’re missing: a consistently available bingo service offering an array of games from 10am to 11pm every single day. The experience is enriched by live-streamed games hosted by engaging Presenters, who create an atmosphere akin to a traditional “main stage bingo” environment.

But the experience doesn’t stop there. Players interact in real-time with the Presenters during the game, a feature that gives Bingo Plus a distinct advantage over typical online bingo platforms.

The Team behind the innovation
Bingo Plus is broadcast from two cutting-edge digital TV studios based in Hull. A team of dedicated professionals keeps the gaming experience fresh and exciting. And to further enhance customer experience and engagement, a newly launched website is now live at

The Presenters, all of whom are media and drama-trained, are fast-becoming the familiar faces of Bingo Plus. Their interactive approach sets the platform apart, and their growing celebrity status is fostering a vibrant community around the brand. In fact, they often take to the road to meet customers face-to-face – giving out merch, taking selfies and signing autographs – the customers love it!

Credible alternative to ‘main stage’ bingo
All of these ingredients combine to create a bingo offering that has scale, atmosphere and excitement – something that other digital bingo formats find tough to replicate.

So it’s no surprise that two more major UK bingo operators are now taking a serious look at Bingo Plus, and exploring how they can seamlessly integrate it alongside their existing products.

For some operators, Bingo Plus enhances their usual offer, neatly running alongside their core product – either providing an alternative standalone bingo solution – or a secondary offering to help prop up weaker sessions and deliver longer days. It can alleviate unnecessary APM on lower admission sessions, or even run side-by-side with their normal bingo – working in parallel and improving their margin. This means that weak, unprofitable, and operationally challenging sessions can quickly move into profit through the introduction of the Bingo Plus system. (No more sessions with 30 customers and 8 staff!) For some, Bingo Plus is their standalone bingo product.

Businesses like LOL Bingo and Coral Island entrust their entire bingo offer to the system, and every single day, they deliver fantastic value and great prize money – all with a personal touch.

Success is driven through strength in numbers. With more and more businesses joining the network, operators and customers quickly start to benefit from pooled liquidity.

Games start at just 25p, and there’s soon to be three ‘main stage’ games every 30 minutes, with up to £500 jackpots. The National Bingo Game with up to £50,000 jackpots is also played twice a day – something that similar systems on the market don’t offer.

Operationally, Bingo Plus takes the strain and saves money. All the games are planned and scheduled by the team, and any promotional activity is taken care of.

On the floor itself, the number of staff needed to service the customers is massively reduced, and there’s no need for book sales. In fact, some operators are using just a single member of staff to facilitate and serve their customers.

But whatever their reasons for joining Bingo Plus, all operators are unanimous in that it brings an added dimension and valuable revenue stream to their businesses.

Hardware and commercials that pack a punch
Every operator is different, and that’s why Wexel Gaming have a fantastic range of state-of-the-art hardware. Available in an array of modular configurations, they’re all beautifully designed, manufactured and installed for each customer.

There’s the popular 6-player ‘circular’ table, a 3-player unit that looks fantastic at the end of a run of slots machines, a 4-player community unit with a large flat-screen that delivers the wow factor and exciting gaming, and the GTAB – Wexel’s new self-service tablet.

All units deliver exciting Cat C and Cat D slots and bingo variant games, and even roulette straight to customers’ hands – broadening the appeal to customers and providing operators with more revenue opportunities.

Accompanying this are a range of commercial solutions, that enable operators to get up and running as quickly as possible. From equipment purchase to profit-share agreements, there’s something to suit all business models. There are even some lower-cost options for operators on a tight budget.

Come and see it for yourself
As they say, the proof is in the pudding. So that’s why the Wexel Gaming team are happy to welcome any operator to come and see Bingo Plus for themselves in Hull. Here you will meet the team, have a tour of the studios to see the game going out live, and see the bingo magic coming to life!