From funtrepreneur to bingo saviour!

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are those who simply start businesses, and then there are those who bring a unique brand of excitement and enthusiasm. Kevin McGinnigle belongs to the latter category, proudly dubbing himself a “Funtrepreneur” on Linkedin, for his unwavering commitment to injecting fun into every aspect of his business life.

With a career marked by a series of successful ventures, Kevin has established himself as a visionary leader with a knack for spotting opportunities where others see challenges. From his early days as a start-up enthusiast, to the recent acquisition of Majestic Bingo, Kevin’s journey is a testament to resilience and innovation.

It all started in the early hours!
Kevin’s journey as an entrepreneur has been nothing short of extraordinary.

“My first step into the world of Bingo was online as a Bingo chat host… I found a job at around half one in the morning on the Job Centre website – I’m probably on page 26 at this point. And I was like, ‘Yeah, fancy a bit of that, working from home? Yes please!’”

His early experiences in the online Bingo world ignited a passion for creating memorable experiences and fostering community connections. “I really liked it, talking to the customers, seeing what they’re up to, wanting to do a bit more for them,” Kevin recalls.

His journey led him to Love Your Bingo, a white-label operator with a fresh approach to customer engagement. “It was very community-based and very personal,” Kevin reflects.

He played a crucial role in scaling the business from one brand to over 150, collaborating with a diverse range of operators in the online gaming space. “Over the course of seven or eight years I went from Bingo Chat host to doing just about every single role in the business… all the way up to Operations Director.”

But Kevin’s spirit didn’t stop there. About five years ago, he embarked on a new venture with the development of an interactive gameshow platform, trademarked as iGamshow™ technology!, that’s set to go live later this year.

“We decided to set up a marketing company to help generate revenue to build the tech. We literally just went out to people to see if we could offer our experience to others in the gaming and entertainment space,” Kevin explains. “Helping them with any challenges they’ve got whether it was retention, acquisition, website builds, landing pages, and so on.” This initiative not only showcased Kevin’s versatility as an entrepreneur but also laid the groundwork for future success.

During this time, Kevin’s marketing company acquired Majestic Bingo as a partner for about three years. Through this partnership, Kevin gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the retail bingo industry and developed a deep appreciation for the Majestic brand.

So, when news of Majestic Bingo’s administration surfaced, Kevin was well acquainted with the business and recognised an opportunity to leverage his expertise and passion to breathe new life into the company.

And with a bold vision and a team of like-minded and hugely supportive investors, Kevin embarked on a mission to save Majestic and reignite the joy of bingo for players old and new.

Majestic becomes real fun!
Fast forward to the present, and Kevin finds himself at the helm of Real Fun Group, the company that acquired Majestic Bingo, a well-known and respected brand that faced financial difficulties and was at risk of closure.

“When I heard that Majestic was entering administration, it was a case of, ‘Do we think we can have a go at this?’” Kevin recounts. “Yes, we think we can!”

Real Fun Group Limited was founded on the principle of ‘putting the fun back into bingo across the country, one club at a time’. It’s backed by experienced entrepreneurs in the retail, leisure, bingo, gaming, and hospitality sectors. And their vision is simple; ensure colleagues and customers are having a real fun time!

Since acquiring Majestic, Kevin has implemented a series of innovative initiatives aimed at embedding this into every aspect of the business. One such initiative was the recent “Meet the Owner” promotion held at their Donnington bingo club.

“We wanted to create a buzz, and connect with our customers in a meaningful way,” Kevin explains. “So, we decided to personally introduce ourselves to the players and show them that we’re here to make their bingo experience even more enjoyable.”

The response to “Meet the Owner” exceeded all expectations, generating a wave of excitement and engagement in the club. “If you look at Donnington’s Facebook posts, the reaction was unbelievable,” Kevin recalls with enthusiasm. “The club has seen a significant increase in admissions since then, and more and more people are coming back week after week. It’s a great club and those running it there are simply awesome. The customers love the team.”

The success of the event served as a testament to Kevin’s commitment to creating memorable and immersive experiences for his customers.

But Kevin’s dedication to fun doesn’t stop there. He and his team have introduced a variety of other initiatives aimed at enhancing the bingo experience and fostering a sense of community among players. From exclusive promotions to events, every aspect of Real Fun Group is infused with a philosophy of fun.

And the results speak for themselves. The business has experienced a resurgence in popularity, with players returning to their local clubs. “The feedback from the customers has been unbelievable,” Kevin says proudly. “Every club you go to, they are so appreciative of the fact that the club is sticking around and continuing to serve their communities.”

As Kevin continues to lead Real Fun Group into the future, he remains steadfast in his belief that fun is the key to success in the gaming industry. “At the end of the day, we’re in the business of fun… And if we can’t have fun doing it, then what’s the point?”

Roadmap to the Future
Looking ahead, Kevin is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in bingo, and the broader gaming and entertainment industry.

“We’ve got a roadmap longer than the trip from Tyne Dock to Camborne and back” Kevin shares. “But whether we get round to it all, who knows?”.

With a clear focus on investing in the customer experience and exploring new avenues for growth, Kevin is confident that Real Fun Group will continue to thrive.

And as he reflects on his journey, he is grateful for the support and opportunities that have moved him forward. “I think one thing to note is how incredibly fortunate we were that we had the full support of the previous Majestic management team, in particular their former MD, Mark Jepp. Given everything, he had gone through, he was very supportive of us.”

So, with a talented and dedicated team by his side, and a commitment to excellence, Kevin is poised to write the next chapter of success for Real Fun Group and beyond.