“Long Live The Bingo Industry” 35 years long service for Ade Stain from Buzz Bingo

Ade Stain now aged 52 has spent the best part of 35 years working in the bingo Industry.

Ade Stain from Buzz Bingo

His career started back in 1988 when he joined Essoldo Entertainment Bingo Hall in Darlaston straight from school, tasked with cleaning fruit machines and emptying cigarette ash from the payout trays to fill his time. 35 years later Ade has stuck around and found a firm foot in the industry.

Following the closure of Essoldo Entertainment in 1993 he moved to Rosum Bingo Hall in Leamore as a bingo caller. After Gala brought Rosum out in 1999 Ade was promoted to Assistant Manager at Ashmore Park in Wednesfield.

He then moved to Buzz Bingo Walsall in 2019 as a Deputy Manager and following the Covid-19 pandemic he was promoted to General Manager of the club in 2021.

Ade has worked in a number of other Buzz clubs during his time with the company including Kingsbury Rd, Stockland Green, Stafford, Coventry Savoy and Hanley.

Ade said: “It’s great to reach an achievement like this, the years just fly by when you enjoy delivering the best experience for your customers. Bingo is my life, and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else as I’ve met some of the greatest people I could ever wish to meet including colleagues and our lovely customers.

“Long live the bingo industry!”