Mini-me at ET – Diddidabs

The last twelve months have been unusual for us all: clubs were shut, and tumbleweeds seemed to be blowing through towns, cities and bingo, but bingo was by no means dead. Zoom Bingo, Street Bingo, Boat Bingo, Drive-in Bingo and even Car Park Bingo all sprang up.


Leading industry supplier edwardthompson (ET) reported a renewed and sudden interest in random number generators, as bingo hosts considered how they could create the all-important call sequences and ensure they were genuinely random. ET found themselves supplying portable RNGs, padded flyers and dabbers throughout the British Isles, helping to keep bingo players happy and families and communities connected, for as we know if you dab together, you have a great excuse to come together, social distanced or virtually.

Tapping into the newfound love for bingo, ET have also created Sofa Bingo, a product which, license allowing, will offer a quick and easy way to play bingo in multiple homes.

Also, to welcome back customers to ‘real’ bingo, in club, ET are promoting their new perfect pocket-sized dabber, the Diddidabs Family. Customers need never be caught short without a dabber again. Instantly recognisable, in eight colours, these small dabbers are cute and collectible, fitting easily into purses and pockets.

Edwardthompson are ready to help everyone get back to bingo and are a one stop shop for tickets, flyers, dabbers, posters, leaflets, mailers, dividers, banners, menus, scratch cards etc. Bring back bingo!