Picking up

In July the return to some kind of normality after the Coronavirus shut down of the industry was a welcome relief for many. It was a small glimmer of hope, even though the industry is still a long way off pre-covid levels of business and confidence.

Leisure Electronics BinGoPad

For some it was a slow and partial return: Leisure Electronics and Wexel Gaming were fortunate in picking up from where they had left off back in March and continued to support clients with a programme of installations across the country.

With their long history in the bingo manufacturing industry, and more recently the onset of High Street Bingo clubs, Leisure Electronics and sister company Wexel Gaming continue to develop a range of bingo and gaming tablet based products, including the fast growing independent linked bingo group, based around the “Bingo Plus” product. The group currently stands at around 75 locations, with the product predominantly based on a fixed base tablet product situated in premises where space was available. As well as offering Bingo, players can also access slot games, poker, roulette and more recently the National Bingo Game, with a top Jackpot Prize of £50,000 on every game.

To enhance the product portfolio where space was an issue in some premises Gtab, the stand-alone, self-service tablet kiosk, was introduced. The facility to play on a tablet without the need for any interaction from the club staff gives the added benefit of no increase in the operational costs, and with the correct operating licence the Gtab will “plug” straight into the continuous Bingo Plus Link facility.

Two additional products by Wexel Gaming introduced earlier in the year at EAG and ICE are VANTAGEplus membership and loyalty system and the BingoPad portable tablet device.
VANTAGEplus is a cloud-based Membership Loyalty system that uses an App in order to push out promotions and notifications to customers. Different to other App based systems, which only send out notifications to smart phones, VANTAGEplus offers more by also interacting and engaging with the customers when they are in premises too.

On visiting premises, the customer swipes the bar code on the self-service kiosk, minimising person to person interaction, which is extremely useful in current operating conditions. Coronavirus is affecting all our lives now and VANTAGEplus can help by offering “Track & Trace”. It takes a few seconds to click on the yes/no questions, and is a simple tool designed to help keep us all safe.

The customers can be rewarded for their visit with points, which show up on their App and can then be redeemed for any of the promotions that they’ve received via the App. These can be additional points on their account, play Bingo, enter a raffle, playing one of the many kiosk games (Duck shoot, wheel of fortune, Safe Cracker, etc.) or for those sites that are TiTo enabled the Kiosk can print out a ticket that can be played off on slot machines.

Full campaign reports can be produced by the system to determine which customers have taken up the promotions and when, but more importantly it picks up those who didn’t and creates a secondary promotion list to target. VANTAGEplus is the full circle Membership-Loyalty-system that keeps operators’ campaigns interesting, engaging and at a very low cost. The system includes customised app, premises kiosk and back office campaign manager software.

BinGoPad is a new, exciting product that not only offers regular bingo, but with a great combination of music and digitised graphics, it also provides hugely popular music bingo. It has a 50-song game, played on a 10-song ticket, called ‘Jive Bingo’. This is proving to be a real crowd pleaser, with players hearing excerpts from songs and being given visual clues before the title is revealed.

“We are very pleased and excited to be working together with Wexel Gaming.”

BinGoPad is a windows tablet device that comes with a screen interface component that works straight out of the box. The quick and easy installation means the system can be up and playing live, professional, digital Bingo in no time and gives the operator full control of the game whilst improving the presentation and attractiveness of the product. It works on a reliable and affordable tablet device that can link wirelessly to any existing display screens, or be integrated with new ones. The resulting system is simple for customers and staff to operate and brings a real upgrade to the experience, with stunning visuals and sound, offering all the traditional variations of bingo you would expect across 75, 80 and 90 number games, together with the Tote and raffle options to mix up the player experience.

BinGoPad has also found appeal in the Dutch and Belgian markets, with Netherland based DGS Games entering into a distribution agreement with Wexel Gaming. Commenting on the distribution agreement Dick Schlosser from DGS said, “We are very pleased and excited to be working together with Wexel Gaming who we see as the UK’s leading Bingo equipment supplier, We approached them due to their willingness to invest the resources to fully adapt an already successful product for our markets, not only that but their ability to adapt and change the Bingo offering into non English languages very quickly”.

For more information call +44 (0) 1482 370680 or email sales@wexel.co.uk