The A-Z of licensed bingo: NEW Operators Handbook now available

The Operators Handbook was first launched in 2014 at the Association’s AGM: a tour de force of all things bingo. It was exactly what GB licensed operators needed. Since then it has been the definitive and essential resource for operators, a position that the new version will ensure remains unchanged.

The A-Z of licensed bingo

Paul Swindon, Head of Governance & Compliance at The Bingo Association made a review of this key operational resource a top priority upon joining the Association in 2019. While content had been updated over time, themes and areas of focus have changed since 2014, with some sections merging and others expanding, so a full review was required.

The Bingo Association is delighted to release the new and improved digital Operators Handbook, which is available exclusively to all Association members as a benefit of membership.

Now in digital format only, with a fresh design, replacing the previous A4 hard copy folder, the PDF version contains interactive links from within the Contents page and throughout all of the section headers for faster and easier navigation, directly to the chosen page. Content has been reviewed and condensed into just two concise sections:

• Section A – Regulatory (combing old sections A & C)

• Section B – Operational

The comprehensive guide contains essential information, practical guidance and advice on how to remain compliant with your licensing objectives and regulatory obligations, as set out in the latest Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP).

“A definitive and essential resource for bingo operators.” 

The new Handbook sees the introduction of a new feature called ‘Resources Centre’, which can be found at the back of the document. This contains all of the website links, document downloads and resources that relate to the Section contents, ensuring faster and quicker access. Simply click on the ‘Resources Centre’ links which appear throughout the Handbook. This new feature will also help to ensure that all of the links and files that you need are as up-to-date as possible, something that was almost impossible to achieve in the hard copy version.

The new digital Operators’ Handbook is easily accessible, and members can download it from the Members’ Area of The Bingo Association website, or access it through the BA SmartEXCLUSION tablets, providing easy access and reference. Updates will be put live automatically to SmartEXCLUSION tablets and website versions, with members receiving an email alert when updates go live.

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