There may be trouble ahead…

but while there’s tickets and dabbers...

Cowells Arrow

As the UK’s number 1 bingo ticket producer and supplier, Cowells Arrow are committed to ensuring that they maintain the highest standards of product quality and customer service. It’s what they are known for. We caught up with MD Tony Lister, who has seen the sector go through many twists and turns over the years.

“Addressing the ‘Elephant in the room’, and it would be naive for me not to do so, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the bingo clubs and venues, and consequently suppliers and support organisations”, Tony comments, “But the industry is resilient and through good management and innovation, supported by a resourceful and adept supply chain, that can respond quickly and efficiently, the sector will endure.

“As most bingo operators already know, Cowells Arrow are the UK subsidiary of the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bingo and charitable gaming products; Arrow International Inc. They are passionate and uncompromising in their belief that ‘Bingo Will Be Back’ and will do all in their power to assist operators and club and venue owners to achieve this.

“Fortunately through scale of operations, continued investment and staff experience, Cowells Arrow is well placed to provide essential support to customers.”

“These are challenging times, but Cowells Arrow can and will work with the bingo industry to ensure that ‘bingo will be back’!”

Tony outlined for Bingo Connect some of the key areas where Cowells can offer greatest the support to operators:

New Equipment

New equipment installed in 2019. Printing presses and additional finishing equipment expanded the range of products that can be produced and capacity.

New Permutations

Cowells Arrow have an extensive selection of permutations to meet game requirements from club owners but have recently, following feedback and new game ideas, commissioned and received, a selection of new permutations. These give greater flexibility to operators for the games that can be played for greater sales and customer engagement and enjoyment. New perms are constantly being explored, to accommodate new ideas for specific requirements, which include the maths for probabilities – taking the guesswork out of how a new game will perform when deployed.

New Books

New Equipment and New Permutations have facilitated the creation of a fully ‘All In One’ book that is being used successfully by several clubs. Cowells have also created a book that contains all a sessions bingo tickets, including fun games and the National Bingo Game, for quicker and simpler sales. Additionally, greater flexibility is achieved with all applicable pages using the Meeron Link perm – thus enabling clubs to Link whenever they wish.

New Products

New finishing equipment, a dynamic perforator, has increased versatility to meet new requirements. The perforator allows the creation of vouchers, on specific pages, to aid upselling and/or encourage repeat visits. This functionality, when combined with digital printing capabilities, enables the creation of varied and compelling customer offers. A NEW Mechanised Cash Bingo (MCB) Counters flyer is also a new option. This flyer provides the customer with their own set of paper counters to use for each game when playing MCB. Not using traditional plastic counters, which would currently need to be collected, disinfected and re-bagged is a significant time and cost saving, which also provides players with improved confidence.

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